Name of Organisation: “Environment Conservation Association”

Registration number: MH/1004/2011/Pune

Registration Date: 25/5/2011

Address: Sushreeyas, Akurdi-Chikhli Road, Sudarshan Nagar, Chikhali, Pune 411062

Mobile: 7798811512


80 G Certificate No: PN/CIT(Exempt.)Tech/80G/475/2015-16/ 5424 Date: 26/02/2016      


river-awarenessSpread awareness amongst all age groups, Municipal Corporations and other Local Authorities about the need, techniques and methods in:

• pollution (soil, water, air and noise) mitigation
• conservation of natural resources – forests, lakes, rivers, hills, mountains etc
• social encouragement for renewable energy and energy conservation – solar, wind and municipal solid waste to energy fuel
• saving water ; rain water harvesting,
• waste minimisation and plastic reduce, reuse, recycle, composting
• protecting existing biodiversity and encouraging sustainable, eco development
• assisting communities to live in harmony with the environment and wildlife
• conservation and reintegration of endangered plant and animal species

Objectives and how to achieve them

Spreading awareness in schools, Colleges and Communities

awareness-Projects• Show specially prepared slides, videos and short films to educate about pollution (soil, water, air and noise) and its harmful effects, health and hygiene related to our immediate environment, followed by thinking time, activities and question /answer session
• Organise environmental clubs and camps to create awareness, highlight environmental issues and encourage dialogue to find solutions.
• Involve all age groups, in cleanliness drives in areas, to invoke a sense of belonging and take ownership for the surrounding environment, wildlife and natural resources
• Motivate people through drama, street plays, talks, advertisements, articles, pictorial art and active participation to change their behaviour and habits to keep their surroundings clean, save water, save electricity, keep the rivers clean, conserve and use renewable energy, protect and care for plants, trees and wildlife
• Conduct programs, lectures, seminars workshops, demonstrations, street plays, on advantages of tree planting, rain water harvesting, composting, waste segregation and reduction, plastic reduce, reuse and recycle, health and hygiene, traffic discipline
• Carry out result oriented activities, studies, data logging and analysis for water, air and noise pollution, energy consumption, health, hygiene and traffic related issues
• Organise competitions, walks, runs for environment conservation
• Encourage group visits to educate about water and sewage treatment plants, renewable energy plants, waste and landfill dumps, waste to energy plants, dams and irrigation systems, rain water harvesting sites in model villages, eco-friendly hotels and holiday sites
• Plan and promote eco-friendly trips to showcase plants and animals in their natural habitats

Promote eco- friendly living

• Promote and encourage communities to live in harmony with nature and support and vote for sustainable eco-friendly development
• Record on the spot videos to understand and act upon community issues related to environment and daily needs and get feedback

Future Plans

  • Monthly or quarterly publication of Environmental Magazine
  • Set up a school for Environmental science with Certificate, diploma and degree programmes
  • Audit industries to control pollution and uphold Pollution Control Norms
  • Promote environmental message paintings on road side walls, and encourage gardens and environment friendly city beautification