vishwas-patil-100x100[1]Vikas Patil started work with the TATA organization in 1975 at the age of 18. Almost immediately, he was seen to be an environmentalist with some good initiatives suggested and promoted at Telco. Pune. He was involved in improving the quality and production rate of Tata vehicles and maintaining a healthy and safe environment on the shop floor.

Vikas Patil’s enthusiasm and passion to work for the society and community was apparent even then. He was inspired by Tata’s Ex Chairman late Mr Sumant Mulgaonkar and Mrs Lilatai Mulgaonkar, Mr Rawal, Mr. Jakatdar, Mr Maira, Mr VD Merhunkar and other senior officers at the Tata Organization to start social work. He formed Community centers, hobby centers including a photography club and assisted in the standardization of the Telco Grihini unit and Vidya Niketan (Telco employee’s school). Vikas Patil was also responsible for commencing evening classes for Telco Staff to polish their management skills. Products made by Vikas Patil in the Hobby Club specifically the Rolling lamp’ and ‘Mugal lamp’ are exhibited at the Raja Kelkar Museum, Pune.

Vikas Patil’s overwhelming interest in conserving the environment hurled him into the next level. He started to look into river pollution, awareness about pollution, solid waste disposal, tree planting and other environment conservation activities from the year 2002. He formed a 14 member team to study causes of river pollution and ways to control it. An NGO, Indrayani Bachav Kruti Samitee was formed in 2003. This NGO had many experts, members and participating schools. However, since the NGO was not registered, even though good work was done in cleaning the river, no funding was available. People became aware and desired that other rivers were cleaned too. New groups called River Development Forum ( Nadi Vikas Manch), Pawana Development Committee and Mula Conservation committee were formed in the respective areas so people could actively participate in cleaning the rivers close to where they lived.

At present, Vikas Patil is the Chairman of the Environment Conservation Association (ECA) registered in 2011 with the Charities Commissioner, Pune. ECA consists of likeminded members committed to conserve the environment. Each member has expertise in various fields and are contributing effectively to the conservation programs through ECA.