What does ECA do

save waterTips provided by the municipal corporation are disseminated through leaflets and tailored slide presentations in different areas and communities. Rallies, talks, seminars and essay competitions have been held in schools to instill new ideas and reiterate and consolidate good habits on saving water.


Every year the average rainfall is reducing. Farmers have been affected due to less rain and reduced water in reservoirs. Please follow the guidelines to save and collect water.

(1) Tap should be open half or Quarter as required.
(2) Water never becomes stale
(3) Button at basin should be pressed as required, if pressed hard unnecessarily more water will flow.
4) Use Controller Dual Tap Flushing tank.
(5) Stop the shower while applying soap and turn taps off while scrubbing clothes and utensils.
(6) Take care about water should not over flow from ground and overhead tanks.
(7) Immediately inform PCMC to replace rusted pipelines and repair leakages.
(8) Repair or replace leaking taps, Flush tanks and pipes immediately.
(10) Always Check whether taps, Flush are turned off while moving out of the house.
(11) Use best quality taps.
(12) Make sure that water is not wasted from public taps.
(13) If you notice a public tap leaking, immediately inform the nearest PCMC ward office.
(14) Use water harvesting to collect water from rooftop.
(15) Keep a record of your daily or monthly water usage by fitting water meters or examining your water bill.
(16) Pay your water bill on time.
(17) Use a small glass for drinking water.