Traffic and air and Noise Pollution, Headed by Mr Pimpale

traffic pollutionData available in Pimpri Chinchwad
As per DNA vehicle population in PCMC as on end Feb 2013 :-
Grand total number of vehicles Regd with RTO –– 1036852.
Out of this two wheelers are ———————– 0772656
Four wheelers ————————————— 0155943
All remaining are LCVs and heavy vehicles.

Following is required required / permitted noise in dB level (national Standard)-

Grade Area Type Day Time Night Time
A Industrial 75 70
B Commercial 65 65
C Residential 55 45
D Silence 50 40

air pollution
Permissible noise level by vehicles in dB as per Indian standards
• Two wheelers ————————– 80
• Passenger Cars ————————- 82
• Cars or LCV below 4 Mt —————- 85
• Cars or truck between 4Mt to 12Mt — 89
• All vehicles above 12 Mt capacity —– 91

Current status of noise level at various segments in dB within PCMC –

Grade Area Type Day Time Night Time
A Industrial 67 to 77 59 to 66
B Commercial 64 to 74 52 to 55
C Residential 60 to 70 44 to 44
D Silence 60 to 73 45 to 54

This study has revealed that noise level in residential & silence zones is much beyond acceptable limits. Number of on road moving vehicles suggests that noise level may be actually much more than shown above.
Impact of noise level

Noise Level Health hazzard
Up to 79 dB Irritating but tolerable
80 db Annoying
90 db Hearing Damage
95 db Very Annoying
110 db Simulation of skin
120 db Plain threshold
130-135 db Dizziness & vommiing
140 db Pain in ear
150 db Significant change in heart beats

A few select busy chauks (crossroads) in city witness vehicular traffic at 2 vehicles crossing per second (day average). At such locations noise levels are much higher than quoted.
Situation worsens with DJs during marriage season and crackers in diwali and festive times.

air qualityThe situation is alarming and we need to take corrective action at the earliest to protect ourselves from various health hazards due to noise pollution.

Air quality deterioration due to vehicular emission adds to the problems further. Only solution to this problem is to reduce number of on road moving vehicles by improving public transport and connectivity.

What does ECA do

• Study actual noise levels and use data logging to monitor air quality at select locations and at select time to gauge the intensity of the problem.
• Hold awareness drives for
Use of public transport. Minimise use of private vehicle through sharing
Follow lane discipline and educate about traffic rules
Avoid blowing of horns. Respect quiet zones
Total ban on DJ noise level over 55dB
Cracker free celebrations at individual level.
• Pressurise the government for stricter driving tests